“I had the most amazing time at my wedding, and I think everyone should have the same experience” Franchesca

A dinner with the women of Two Girls and a Plan is simply invigorating for whoever gets the chance to meet them. I arrive in an untimely manner but who more generous and understandingly greeting me than Franchesca Aristy-Cruz and Eskitheria Santos. Smiling seems to be the number one habit these women maintain throughout their business plan, they are truly happy to be here working and excitedly creating design plans for you, their most valued client.

I had the pleasure of working with Eskitheria and Franchesca in the celebration of the one year anniversary of my blog, Project Chula . All I gave them was a T Shirt with my logo and my website to develop a decor style for the event. I was incredibly impressed with the amount of creativity that went into making my low budget, local event, a trendy, modern and cool space that encompassed my personal style. We even had Samba dancers to add some flare, all while respecting my budget! I picked to work with these ladies because I knew they would get it. They listened well, traveled with me to find a space and make connections with the staff, paid close attention to all details, and most importantly kept me on track throughout the event with gracious attitudes. I was floored by the big scale beauty and ambiance of my event.

Certified wedding and event planners, Franchesca and Eskitheria, both worldly women of the tri-state area, have a lifetime passion for fashion styles and design alongside a lifelong friendship to encourage their partnership as Two Girls and a Plan.

“We did everything ourselves, cut and design floral arrangements, make DIY photo booths, bake cake pops, you name it. People loved it all and we were having fun!” – Eskitheria

They started with a need to create indelible memories for themselves and their loved ones by adding unique touches to personalize their events. Inspired simply by love, family, fashion trends, city landscape, and the natural world around them, two girls represent their clients and come up with the plan.

Dedicated to coming as close to the vision as possible, the women accept the challenge of designing and organizing your special events and wish for you the time of your life. From wedding celebrations to baby’s first birthday, your company’s anniversary party and girl’s brunch by a view, two girls will energetically celebrate your uniqueness and incorporate personal style with the elegance of the trade. They live to share these moments on a daily basis.